Lovely Rat's Corsetry
Lovely Rat's Corsetry



Cinchers: $350

Underbusts: $450

Overbusts: $550

Mockup Service: $100

Price covers a basic corset made to your unique measurements and design. Lovely Rat's corsets are made of a light but strong construction suitable for waist training and tightlacing. Each corset is made from a minimum of 24 steel bones, firm steel busk, fashion fabric of your choice, and an english voutil strength layer. All corsets come with a complimentary floating lining and printed box for storage. 

Bridal Gowns : Starting at $1200

Lovely Rats offers custom bridal services, including personal fittings and luxury embellishments. Spots are highly limited and should be booked at least 6 months in advance! 

Embellishments and Add-Ons

Floating Modesty Panel: $25

Lace Embellishment $100 - $150 +

Print Matching: $100 

Mockup Service: $100 

External Channels $50-$75

Latticework: $50 +

Flossing: $100 +

Big Ass Bows: $20 each

Rhinestones and Beading: $100 - $150 + 

Machine Embroidery and Applique: $50 +