What do your corsets cost? 

The starting price for custom underbust corsets is $450 usd and my standard size line starts at $350 (see pricing and measurement info). But my various styles from waspies to cupped corsets range from $150-$750

How do I start a consultation?

  You can message me on facebook or shoot an email to LovelyRat@yahoo.com There is a $15 consultation fee, which is deducted from the final cost of your order and can be paypal'd to my email address. From there I can walk you through the process, put a design together for you, and send you an invoice. Please be courteous and respectful of my time.

Do you accept payment plans?

   Yes, usually I ask for a half deposit once I have put together an invoice for you. The first deposit reserves your booking in my schedule.  I accept the second half in whatever installments you feel comfortable with, as long as it is paid off before the corset is completed and shipped out. Deposits are non-refundable.

Do you ship internationally?

 Yes, I work with clients all over the world. I would even say the majority of my business is done internationally. Shipping prices are determined solely by what the post office charges me though, and can be a bit inconsistent. I should also warn UK clients that customs/VAT charges for corsets tends to be high, and there is nothing I can do to influence the final cost of importing my product. 

Can I come by for a fitting/consult/measuring?

 Sure! We don't have a shop front, but I have a workspace in Fort Worth, TX. There's no need to come by for a consultation, and I prefer to set up orders through email. But if you have paid for a mockup service with your order we can set up a fitting, or if you're confused about the measurement form I can take them myself once your deposit is paid. If you're local you can also feel free to pick up your final corset in person. 

Do you offer a remote mockup service?

Yes. For a $100 fee I can make, send, and walk you through fitting a mockup through Skype or email. I can also offer local clients a personal fitting. A mockup is not 100% necessary for most orders, but it's great if you have special fitting needs or want to really ensure a perfect fit.

Where can I buy?

 We don't have a shop front (yet!), all orders are made to order through online consultation. I can be contacted through etsy, facebook, or email (see contact and links page). I'll be happy to walk you through your order and answer questions for a $15 consultation fee (which is deducted from the cost of your final order). There are also used samples for sale on my etsy page at a discounted price. 

Are your corsets suitable for tightlacing/waist training?


What are your corsets made of?

 Every corset is made from English coutil, a stainless steel busk, and a combination of spiral and spring steel bones. I use mainly cotton, satin, or dupioni for my fashion layer, but can use almost any high quality fabric for the look you want. I will also accept client provided materials for the fashion layer.

How long will my corset take?

I tend to be booked up a few months in advance. Your deposit will reserve your production date, but it tends to be subject to change due to changes in other orders or material shipments. From the point I start working on your order my turnaround time tends to be about 1-2 months, depending on how backed up orders are and if you've ordered a mockup service. 

What is your return policy?

No returns or exchanges. If there is a problem with your order, please let me know and we can determine on a case by case basis if there is something I can do for you. Mistakes happen. I can sometimes make repairs/alterations if I determine it is the fault of my product, but not to older pieces. If you have ordered a premade sample and it does not fit as expected, I may accept an exchange for a deposit on a custom order. 

 Why the name Lovely Rats?

 In addition to being a rat lover myself, I've noticed both corsets and rats have a bad reputation based on common misconceptions. They are perceived as ugly and unhealthy, when really they can be quite beautiful and helpful to a lot of people! I love the idea of making something lovely out of something misunderstood.

How long have you been making corsets and why?

I *think* I made my first corset in 2008, the same year I established Lovely Rats, but I've been sewing for nearly 10 years now?  Previously my brand was for varied cosplay/costume orders and corset requests would come around occasionally. I think I really dove into practicing corsetry more in depth around 2012, in addition to studying fashion design at university. I just fell in love with the helpful community and versatile design platform. It's challenging work that I never get tired of, so in early 2014 I dove  into making corsets full time. I've made more than 200 corsets total now!

How much does a custom bra cost?

I have gotten so many requests lately for bras, but it is a new area for me and I'm not comfortable accepting orders for them yet! When I'm ready to add them to my line and I've figured out the costing, I will let everyone know. In the meantime, cupped corsets are available.